Writer and director reach consensus on Randamoozham legal battle

Randamoozham the novel by renowned writer MT Vasudevan Nair is considered a masterpiece. Director VA Shrikumar had planned to make a film on the celebrated novel and had decided to cast Mohanlal for the ambitious project. However, the project did not take off as planned and the writer had initiated a legal case against the director as the project did not materialize even after the expiry of the time period in the contract. Now after nearly 2 years of the ongoing legal battle, a consensus had been reached between the writer and director - Shrikumar will return the script to the writer and will not go ahead with the film whereas the writer would return the advance amount of Rs 1.25 Cr received from the director.

MT Vasudevan Nair Randamoozham VA Shrikumar Menon