Wouldn't like Chulbhul Pandey in real life, says Salman Khan

We love watching Salman Khan in his Chulbul Pandey avatar. The third installment of the movie has hit the screen just recently. While the superstar is promoting the venture, it seems, he isn't a big fan of Chulbul! "There are some characters which look really good onscreen but if you see a Chulbhul Pandey in real life, he is an obnoxious guy. He will be the most hated guy. When you see a character like this onscreen, who is a perfect husband, is also corrupt, does wrong things but for the right reasons, in the screenplay, it looks good, but in real life, you won't like such a personality," said Salman. However, Salman confirmed, the new film is three times better than the previous two films.