Where Is My House-Chinmayi asks popular magazine

Chinmayi is waging a lone battle against harassers and molesters. She had been a crusader for women and children who were victims of harassment. It has been a year since she made sexual abuse charges  against popular lyricist Vairamuthu. But, she had been bearing the brunt of making the allegations. She got little support from the big wigs of the industry in the #MeToo campaign. Now, Chinmayi has a valid point to make and has put it across to Nakheeran magazine. She has demanded the keys to her 'so-called house' in Bangalore. Popular Tamil magazine Nakheeran had alleged that Chinmayi was gifted a house for tarnishing the image of Vairamuthu. Now, she wants the keys to the house which only Nakheeran was aware of.

Vairamuthu Chinmayi Sripaada