When Sonakshi Sinha Had Disapproved Of Kapil Sharma Mimicking Her Father

Veteran actor and current Member of Parliament Shatrughan Sinha has called out comedian Kapil Sharma for crossing the line while mimicking him. Sinha's daughter Sonakshi had to even reprimand Sharma of his jokes. Recalling the incident, Shatrughan said, "I am sporting enough to take it on the chin. It is fine, as long as the mimicry does not cross the limits of decency. This happened to me when Kapil Sharma made fun of me on his show. My daughter Sonakshi even reprimanded him. The mimic should not forget that he is paying a homage to a man or a woman he or she admires. Limits of decency should not be crossed." Shatrughan said that mimicry should be restricted to teh stage and should not be taken to Parliament.

Kapil Sharma Sonakshi Sinha Aisa Yeh Jahaan