What an achievement! Thanneermathan Dinangal enters 50 crore club

A movie with no popular stars grabs the fancy of film lovers. This is what exactly happened with Thanneermathan Dinangal. It was helmed by a new comer Girish AD and stars fairly new actors Mathew Thomas and Anaswara Rajan in lead roles. The film is a high school drama that effectively brought out nostalgic vibes among grown ups by portraying the various happenings in the life of an adolescent. The film was made on a modest budget of 2 crore. But it has proved that it is the content that pulls people to theaters. The film was devoid of any vulgarity typical of high school drama and was a feel-good film. It has shattered BO and has become one of the highest grossers of the year by touching 50 crores worldwide.

Anaswara Rajan Girish AD Mathew Thomas Thanneermathan Dinangal