WATCH: Nazriya Fahadh's Vaathi coming dance video is not to be missed

Vaathi Coming from Vijay Master is trending ever since it released on Youtube. The peppy tune and lyrics were a hit when the lyric video released. But, once cinephiles watched the video song, it was embraced by all for it had the superstar dancer Vijay effortlessly shaking his legs to the song. Also the shoulder step was a huge hit among dance-lovers. Many popular celebs had posted videos of them grooving to the song and now it is the turn of actress and star wife Nazriya Nazim Fahadh to show her moves. She and Aleena, wife of Alphonse Puthren have shared a cute video. Nazriya is popular among Tamil moviebuffs for her Tamil films Raja Rani, Nayyandi, etc.