Vinesh Banglan: Considering the budget for Mollywood films, getting an award is a huge achievement

Vinesh Banglan is reaping the award for his stupendous art work in Dileep starrer Kammara Sambavam. He had erected authentic sets for the period film. He had won the Kerala State Award for the production design for the film and now the National Award came beckoning. Banglan is elated and said that director Rathish Ambat had remarked that if he did his work well, he would surely win an award. But, Banglan had brushed off the remarks back then. He also makes a valid point that Malayalam movies are made on a fraction of a budget compared to Bollywood films. They are competing with huge films of other industries and hence this award was a big achievement. 

Kammara Sambhavam Rathish Ambat Vinesh Banglan Dileep