Vijay fans trend #WeStandWithMaster for THIS reason

Vijay's Master is set for a grand release tomorrow everyone is thrilled. It is hoped to revive the battered film industry economically and morally, as it is the first biggie in the post pandemic era. It is also going to be a test of their hard-work and they are keeping their fingers crossed to know if the film has lived up to the hype. Unfortunately, all it takes is a prank played by a miscreant to wreck havoc on the plans. The prankster had allegedly leaked a few clips and has circulated them. Though he was nabbed , the damage had already been done. To show the support and solidarity with the team, the industry and Vijay fans began trending #WeStandWithMaster. The team had also requested all not to share leaked clips.

Master Vijay Joseph Lokesh Kanakaraj