Vijay Deverakonda's Middle-Class Fund Paused As Lockdown Is Lifted

Vijay Deverakonda won everyone's hearts by announcing the Middle-Class fund during the lockdown. After 36 days of continuous service, it is now stopped as things get back to normalcy from June 1st. Vijay's team has shared the snapshot of all the good work the foundation has done so far. To summarise, 17,723 households with 58,808 family members were helped by the team. A huge total of Rs. 1,71,21,103 was spent while the total amount of donations received is Rs. 1,50,24.549. Vijay stated that this fund will continue for a lifetime and it is just a pause for now. He concluded by saying that the fund will be reactivated depending on future situations.

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2 Jun 20 @ 10:20 AM Tollywood