Vijay Antony elated with 'Bicchagadu' success

'Bicchagadu', the Telugu dubbed version of Vijay Antony's 'Pichaikaran' is minting millions at the box office.The film which revolves on mother sentiment has become a huge success in Telugu mainly due to the strong word-of-mouth publicity. Surprised by the movie's hit, the multi-faceted actor says, "The Telugu people in the two states made it a point to let others know that the film was good and that’s when crowds started pouring in. This is a very special feeling. They’ve been kind to me since the beginning of my career. Both 'Nakili' ('Naan' in Tamil) and 'Dr Saleem' ('Saleem' in Tamil) showed that appreciation for content has always been there. But, I’m yet to accept the fact that the dubbed version ('Bicchagadu') has earned more than its original". The star's upcoming films are 'Saithan' and 'Yemen'.
Vijay Antony Pichaikaran