Unni Mukundan To Replace Dhruvan In The Big Budget Entertainer Maamaankam

A lot of fuses has been happening on the big budget entertainer Maamaankam which was started a way back in the last year. A couple of days back there was news that Dhruvan is out from the project and the news is that Unni Mukundan will be replacing Dhruvan in the film. According to a source, it was heard that the entire decision making is now in the hands of the production team and the director of the film Sajeev has not yet approved dropping Dhruvan and casting Unni Mukundan in the film. Dhruvan had already shot for around 25 days for the film and now they need to re-shoot the scenes with Unni Mukundan. It looks all is not well between the director and the production team.