T-series has an option to buy rights only for Hindi and not for Agnyaathavaasi: Jerome Salle

It is known that Agnyaathavaasi directed by Trivikram has been in the news since its release, as the makers have plagiarized the content of French movie Largo Winch. In an interview with a website, director Jerome Salle said, "Indian company (T-series) just took an “option to buy” the rights. They didn’t actually buy the rights. Moreover, they have those rights only for Hindi and not for Telugu or any other Indian languages. We will mostly hire a lawyer in India and move forward accordingly. I was especially taken aback by the unabashed lifting of Climax scene. People certainly get inspired by other movies but this is blatant stealing.”

Trivikram Srinivas S. Radha Krishna (China Babu) Agnyaathavaasi