Troller Apologies Priya Anand After Saying, Is She A Bad Luck For Her Costars?

Actress Priya Anand had opened this year with the blockbuster film LKG starring RJ Balaji and has been busy in shooting for Aditya Varma which is a remake of Telugu film Arjun Reddy. One of the Twitterati has posted a tweet saying that 'Sridevi acted with Priya Anand in English Vinglish and she is no more. Now JK Rithish who acted with Priya Anand in LKG is no more. Is Priya Anand a symbol of BAD LUCK for her costars? Reacting to his tweet the actress has said that, 'please know that what you say can really trigger a lot of pain in people. So before you make such comments I hope u take a second' and made a series of the tweet for which the troller has apologieed the actress.

Priya Anand