Top 5 Most Viewed Telugu Trailers In 24 Hours

With the easy access to the internet, people are watching the trailer and teaser immediately after the release. Youtube views which describe the star status for a hero or director and which also shows the craze for the movie. Here we came up with top five most view trailers in Tollywood. The Magnum Opus 'Baahubali' topped the list with 21.81 million views in 24 hours and Nani's 'MCA' theatrical trailer has also entered the top 5 most viewed trailers list. Check out the list below for the most view trailers 

Most Viewed Telugu Trailers In 24 Hours
  Movie Views 
1 Baahubali 2 21.81 Million
2 Jai Lava Kusa 04.84 Million
3 DJ 04.07 Million
4 Spyder 03.75 Million
5 MCA 03.51 Million