Top 10 South Korean Movies To Watch During The Lockdown

Bong Jun-Ho's Academy Award-winning film Parasite is streaming online. When theatres have been closed down and shoots have been halted in India for the Covid-19 pandemic, the news came as fresh air for the movie-buffs around India. During the lockdown when everyone is stuck indoors, people are searching for good cinema to watch. Parasite has already grabbed our attention and we are already looking for more awesome movies from South Korea. Thus, we listed down ten more best South Korean movies to watch during the lockdown period. Enjoy the famous thriller, horror, and romance from Korea. We promise an awesome movie-time to everyone.  

Train to Busan (2016)Oldboy (2003)I Saw The Devil (2010)The Host (2006)My Sassy Girl (2001)Memories of Murder (2003)Burning (2018)The Handmaiden (2016)A Warewolf Boy (2012)The Classic (2003)
Best Korean Movies To Watch