Tolly celebs fall in love with Birsa's little ghost!

After a long time, Bengali audience got a horror movie that too steeped in Bangaliana, naturally, the audience was excited about the film. Not only the general audience, it seems, Tollywood celebs are also amused by the story of little ghosts. "Horror film is rare in Bangla cinema. Even if there are few ghost movies, most of them are stupid and meaningless. 'Shob Bhooturey' is an exception. I was scared but also fell in love with its ghost," said Payel! Director Arindam Sil was also impressed by the everyone's performance. "It's a story of a sweet ghost," says 'Ebar Shabor' director. Actor Jisshu Sengupta, who loved the film, went on to say, "It's the best film made by Birsa!."   

Shob Bhooturey Sohini Sarkar Abir Chatterjee Birsha Dasgupta