Throwback- When a prominent actor had a 'Kili Poyi' moment in Rajamanickyam

Rajamanickyam, the 2005 Mammootty film was one of the biggest career hits of the megastar. It had Mammootty talking in the famous Thiruvanathapuram dialect and it was an instant hit and Mammootty had won huge praise for perfecting it. The credit of this goes to Suraj Venjaramoodu who had rewritten Mammukka's lines in the slang and also taught the megastar to deliver them. In fact, he too got a chance to star in the film. But, he said that he got a 'kili poyi' feeling in front of the camera and couldn't do it well and it was not included in the film. But, the mention of his name in the 'Special Thanks' credits was overwhelming for him as he was pivotal to the success of the film.

Suraj Venjaramoodu Mammootty