'This movie is about a very serious crime incident': Director Ram Prakash Rayappa

'Suttupidikka Uttharavu' is a big budgeted film which is directed by Ram Prakash Rayappa who earlier delivered a quality hit in 'Thamizhil En Ondrai Azhuthavum'. Director said, 'This movie is about a  very serious crime incident that happens when ‘Private security firm’ employees Vikranth and Suseenthiran sir are on duty and the police officer who happens to handle this case is Myskkin sir. This is a very interesting script which will keep the audience in the edge of their seats. The shooting will commence shortly and I’m sure the audience will enjoy this thriller.' says Director Ram Prakash Rayappa.

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Director Ram Prakash Rayappa
Ram Prakash Rayappa Suseenthiran Suttu Pidikka Utharavu