This is why Bengali celebs stay away from protesting on social media

While Bollywood celebs have made their social networking handle a medium to protest against the crimes taking place in India, Bengali celebs are surprisingly silent. Recently, the rape and murder case of 2.5 years old Twinkle and the verdict of the Kathua case shook the nation. But, except a few ones, not many from Tollywood wrote anything in the protest. While asked, Abir Chatterjee, who only uses his social media for his film's promotion says, it is an intentional step to stay apolitical on social media. He also believes, tweets containing serious message often gets lost in other tweets and loses its significance. "Social media is not the only media of protesting," says Dev. Arindam Sil seconded him.

Dev Adhikari Abir Chatterjee Arindam Sil