"This is my most favourite Byomkesh film in the series," says Jisshu Sengupta

Anjan Dutt's 'Byomkesh O Agnibaan' is one of the biggest attraction of this year's Puja. This is the sixth film in the hit franchise. Jisshu Sengupta AKA the Satyanweshi of the silver screen told, “Gairik has truly changed the canvas. Since two stories have been merged, the film goes back and forth. This is my most favourite Byomkesh film in the series." The film is the second last film of this series for which director has taken the movie on a grand scale. "The franchise is drawing to a close. I have one story left -Durgo Rahasya. So, I wanted the canvas to be big; reason, I approached Gairik. There are dollops of action, great location," revealed Dutt.

Byomkesh O Agnibaan Jisshu Sengupta