This is how the leads look like in Bijoya

It is been two years but Naseer Ali (Abir), Padma (Jaya Ahsan), and Ganesh Mondol (Kaushik Ganguly) are still prominent in the memory of Bengali audience. The triangle love story of Bishorjon had bagged National Award and touched the hearts of million viewers at the same time. But, their story didn't end there. Director Kaushik Ganguly is set to bring its sequel Bijoya. In the film, the lives of three leads have changed a lot and so do their looks and the change will reflect on their looks. The maximum change will be visible in Padma AKA Jaya's look. Check out their looks in upcoming Bijoya here.

Jaya Ahsan as PadmaKaushik Ganguly as Ganesh MondolAbir Chatterjee as Naseer Ali
Character's Look