The teaser of Sayanna Varthakal is a hit, mocks skill development programs of the government

Sayanna Varthakal, directed by Arun Chand and bankrolled by D14 Entertainments is a socio-political satire. It delves deep into the rampant corruption that is threatening the progress and welfare of the people. Gokul Suresh, Dhyan Sreenivasan and Aju Varghese play pivotal roles in the film. The film's teaser was released a day back. It took a sly dig at some of the welfare and skill development programs of the government. It showed how a bunch of youngsters while away their time idly and how the protagonist advises them to utilize the schemes of the government. The teaser was a novelty compared to the massy visuals we are usually subjected to in the name of teaser and trailers. The teaser became an instant hit.

Arun Chandu Dhyan Sreenivasan Gokul Suresh Sayanna Varthakal