The posters of Bagh Bandi Khela is too awesome to ignore

Here check out the gorgeous posters of Bagh Bandi Khela, an anthropological thriller venture starring Jeet, Sayantika, Soham Chakraborty, Srabanti Chatterjee, Rittika Sen and Prosenjit Chatterjee in the key roles. The film has three segments among which Bagh will see Jeet in an action-packed avatar "Bagh". "Bandi" part will see Soham and Srabanti at the backdrop of Baranasi. Last part "Khela" features Prosenjit Chatterjee as a criminal lawear. 

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Rittika Sen Prosenjit Chatterjee Srabanti Chatterjee Bagh Bandi Khela Soham Chakraborty Sayantika Banerjee Jeet