Thanneermathan Dinagal team are back again for another movie

Thanneermathan Dinangal (TMD) was a sleeper hit of the year. The film made on a modest budget with a new director and fairly new cast have hit the jackpot and has become a block buster. The high school drama was loved by all for its simple portrayal of events in the life of teenage school kids. The writer of the film Dinoy Poulose who also played the hero's brother in the film is becoming a hero in his next. Dinoy is also directing the film which is produced by cinematographer Jomon T John and editor Shameer Muhammed. They were the producers of TMD as well. Dinoy had given a splendid performance in TMD and we are sure that he would be able to pull off the lead role as well.

Shameer Muhammed Thanneermathan Dinangal Jomon T John