Thala Once Again Gets Chased By his Cult Fan

Cult fans of Ajith will never want to miss a chance to meet him and its a privilege for them to take a selfie with Thala. Recently we know how his fans waited for him at his doorstep just to have a glimpse of him. Now another die-hard fan named Ganesh chased almost 18 km to meet his idol. He stated in his Facebook profile that he has met him more than 4 times now but never took a selfie with him. After spotting him at the Airport, he then decided to chase his car to meet him. However, Thala noticed him chasing and stopped his car to suggest him not to behave like this. He then said that he would be very disappointed if his fans lands in any trouble. Later, Thala agreed to take a selfie with him and took a word from him to not repeat this.