Team Ikkayude Shakadam releases full length video scene to silence degraders

Ikkayude Shakadam, directed by Prince Avarachan stars Appani Sharath in lead role. It is a movie about die-hard fans of Mammootty. The film is slated for a release along with Mammootty's Unda tomorrow. The film had already undergone many postponement of release dates due to unknown reasons. Recently, the team had released a teaser of the film. But, Mohanlal fans were irked as they felt that it belittled their screen icon. Ever since, the film page was filled with degrading messages. To put an end to this, the team had released the full length video to clarify that they have never degraded Mohanlal. Hope that puts an end to the degrading of a small movie.

Appani Sarath Ikkayude Shakadam Prince Avarachan