Team confirms the sequel of Shororipu 2 at a press meet

Remember the film Shororipu, the neo-noir thriller that explored a new style in Bengali cinema? Director Ayan Chakraborty is all set to bring the second installment of the movie. Chiranjeet will retrieve the role of detective Chandrakanta for it. The film is being called Shararipu 2 - Jotugriho. Recently, the team had a  press meet where they confirmed the film. Along with Chiranjeet, the film will star Saswata Chatterjee and Arunima Ghosh.

Shororipu 2 press meetShororipu 2 press meetShororipu 2 press meet
Press Meet
Saswata Chatterjee Ayan Chakraborty Arunima Ghosh Shororipu 2 Jotugriho