Tarun Majumdar is a stalwart whose films touch hearts, says Rituparna

After Alo and Chander Bari, Bhalobasar Bari will be the theird film where Rituparna Sengupta worked with Tarun Majumdar. Talking about the veteran filmmaker, she maintioned, "Tarunda's USP is that he can portray the simplest of emotions in a way that's relatable. That's the reason his films always do commercially well." Tarun Majumdar drew his inspiration from Prachet Gupta's story. "The film is about the journey and struggles of these two people and how they overcome it. Tarunda is a stalwart and is known to make films that touch peoples' hearts and the audience can relate to his films well, " told Rituparna. The film will release on February 9th.

Tarun Majumdar Bhalobashar Bari Rituparna Sengupta