Tarak Demanding A Hefty Pay Cheque For His Next. RRR Boosting Is The Reason?

With the increasing box office numbers with each movie, remunerations of star heroes are also rapidly increasing. The latest news that is doing rounds in the film circles is NTR is demanding a hefty pay of Rs. 40 crores for his 30th movie. This film will be directed by Trivikram Srinivas. While the number is huge, there is a reason behind it. The enormous craze of Tarak is limited to the Telugu states mostly as of now. But all the equations are set to change once the much-anticipated RRR releases. For the terrific actor he is, Tarak might get immense following across India. Adding to that, NTR30 is said to be a pan-India film so, NTR is said to have demanded so much considering all these factors.