TamilMV Website - The Abode of Online Movie Piracy

TamilMV is a different sort of online piracy website unlike the most popular TamilRockers and Movierulz. There is no news available about them.

It also seems that a direct search of their websites on google is also not useful. Results, not even a news item can be seen. But they operate by using the hashtag, #TamilMV. But there are few working URLs which the users go to directly.

Day by day, new TamilMV websites with different URLs are cropping up when one of the old are blocked. Very recent movies are uploaded by them. We have not found any news of nabbing the owners of the sites. It is interesting to see why content consumers still use illegal pirate movie websites when legit online streaming is available at cheap.


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TamilMV has still been uploading movies with various domains and is mostly operating by the means of Twitter hashtag search. As we have seen lately, they are uploading very recent movies.

This sort of online movie piracy causes a lot of disturbance to the film industries. Despite the best efforts of industry people like Vishal et al, movies as recent as on the day of the release are appearing on TamilMV database. 

It seems Tamilmv had trouble appearing online as numerous users are requesting for their URLs over Twitter with the hashtag. Very latest movies, movies that hit screens as recently as the last weekend started appearing in some of the TamilMV websites.