Simba Roars Once Again - The Lion King Is The Second Highest Grosser In 2019

The Lion King might have received a mixed reaction from the critics, but Simba roared once again to propel the film's box office into the stratosphere. The Walt Disney creation which tells the story of Pride Lands and it's ruling set of lions Mufasa and his son Simba grossed a whopping $1.196 B worldwide. Now, it has beaten another Disney film (of course, Marvel's) Captain Marvel to become the second highest-grossing film in 2019. When it comes to major markets like India, it netted Rs. 139 Cr. ($19.94 M) and grossed Rs. 170 Cr. ($24.39 M). In China where Disney films perform well, the Jon Favreau directorial grossed about $116 M as of the last available data. Other major markets are France ($40 M) and the UK ($45 M)

The Lion King Jon Favreau