Sidhique reacts to #MeToo allegation through Ayyo #MeToo video

Veteran actor Sidhique who is seen in both character and villain roles in many recent films has been lauded for his roles- be it the menacing villain in Mikhael, or the freak dad in Kodathi Samaksham Balan Vakeel (KSBV) or the doting dad in Uyare. A budding actress Revathy Sampath had recently accused him of misbehaving with her when she was in talks for a movie with him. Though Sidhique had not commented or retaliated on the issue, he simply put a few seconds long video clip from KSBV. The clip had a freak Sidhique declaring his love to a foreigner lady. She responds by saying MeToo. The words frighten him and he took to his heels. Guess he symbolically reacted to the #MeToo allegations.