Syam Pushkaran reveals inspiration for male characters in his hits-KN and MP

Shyam Pushkaran, the well-known writer of modern Malayalam cinema says that most movies have always tried to project the macho image of men. But, he wanted to show that men can be vulnerable too. Though he had co-written 12 films, his solo writings are for Kumbalangi NIghts (KN) and Maheshinte Prathikaram (MP). The men of the film are inspired from real people.  As in KN, he wrote Soubin's character Saji based on his own dad and other male members of the family. As for Fahadh's character Shammi, he himself fit perfectly. In MP, the role of Mahesh was based on a real incident that happened in his village. Shyam believes that it is okay to show that men are emotional and need not shy away from showing them as weak.