Shubarathri puts people to sleep in theaters, fails at BO

Shubarathri was promoted as a feel-good film by KP Vyasan. The film starred Dileep as Krishnan, Siddique as Mohammed and Anu Sithara as Sreeja. Inspired from real events, the film was slated to impress the audience who follow the thriller cum family dramas. But unfortunately, an overdose of melodrama played spoilsport. The film had too many emotion-inducing scenes which failed to impress people who are so used to seeing good, realistic films. The film opened to good response considering the actor's loyal fan base. But it could not sustain in the theaters much and is likely to be a disaster at the box office. After 13 days, the film's BO collection stands at 2 crore.

Dileep Shubharathri KP Vyasan Anu Sithara