Shruthi Ramakrishna is all excited about her next release '144'

Shruthi Ramakrishna in a recent interview said that she plays the role of a film fanatic in her upcoming venture '144' which was set against Madurai backdrop. The actress said that she had to put in a lot of efforts to learn the Madurai slang. Shruthi who has been paired opposite Ashok Selvan said, "I play a girl-next-door character while Ashok plays a car driver in the film. I am the kind of person who, no matter what, will pursue the guy if I like him. There is a cute love story between the two. But the highlight of my role is that I am a film fanatic, so much so that I connect every conversation that we have to a popular film. Chocolates and roses do not work for the romantic in me, it is film CDs that work!." The film is all set to hit screens tomorrow, November 27th.