Shrikumar Menon's Randamoozham dreams shattered, faces setback in the legal battle

It is known that director VA Shrikumar Menon and ace script writer MT Vasudevan Nair were embroiled in a legal battle for Randamoozham. Menon had requested for an arbitrator in the case whereas MT Vasudevan Nair was adamant on getting back his script. As per contract, the work was supposed to begin in 3 years. Four years have lapsed since Menon acquired the script from MT and there were no traces of work being undertaken. Director Menon has now faced a setback in the case. The Kozhikode Judicial Magistrate court has rejected director Shrikumar Menon’s plea for an arbitrator in the case filed by MT. It had earlier ordered Menon not to go ahead with MT's work. This may likely end Menon's Randamoozham hopes.

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