Should fans be blamed or Venkatesh Maha?

The controversial dialogue “Mahesh lazy, Jr NTR crazy” from Uma Maheswara Ugra Roopasya has stirred up a big controversy. The fan wars between Mahesh and NTR fans have reached the next level with this. Actually, fan wars are not new in Tollywood. So, directors must take precautions to avoid any controversial dialogues or scenes in their movies. Of course, fans could also have taken it sportively. But, it is director Venkatesh Maha that gave them an opportunity to create a controversy. He could have at least avoided the word ‘lazy’ referring to a huge superstar like Mahesh Babu. As it is a remake and he knows the aftermath of these scenes considering the mindsets of our audience, he could have been more careful.

Venkatesh Maha