Shob Bhooturey is an extremely touching, humane ghost film, says Anjan Dutt

"When watching his latest ghost story, Shob Bhooturey, I felt a lump in my throat," told Anjan Dutt while giving his feedback on Birsa Dasgupta's horror movie. According to the noted singer, actor, and filmmaker, "Shob Bhooturey is an extremely touching, human ghost film that defies the current trend of the ghastly horror. It is eerie, dark and damp. But it makes no attempt to frighten you or disturb." "Birsa Dasgupta's film tries to capture the lost world of `Kishorder Bhooter Gappo'. It neither tries to philosophise or pose to be serious. Nor tries to flaunt jaw dropping special effects. It very simply tells you a tale of a terrible tragedy of children who wanted to “play“," added Dutta.

Shob Bhooturey Anjan Dutt