Shilpa Shinde and Krushna Abhishek Come Out in Support of Kapil Sharma

Kapil Sharma is in news for his abusive rant with media over Salman's verdict and abusing journalist Vickey Lalwani on the call. In these trying times, Shilpa Shinde has posted on Instagram that she supports Kapil. Krushna said, "His film didn’t work, he’s lost a lot of money plus his show Family Time with Kapil didn’t work. I never took his side before but I’m feeling bad for him now with the way everyone is pouncing on him. People should just forgive him and let him be. Yes, he consumes alcohol, but he isn’t into drugs. He should just stop tweeting. And it’s wrong to harass and write negatively about a guy who is dealing with depression. Kapil isn’t a bad guy and all of us love him."

Shilpa Shinde Kapil Sharma