Shane Nigam's Valiyaperunnal clears censors, a long film indeed

Shane Nigam has been caught in the midst of a tornado. His tiff with the producers had remained unsolved. There is no compromise from Producers Association regarding his impending ban from films in future. But the talented actor that Shane is, his fans are confident that his upcoming film Valiyaperunnal would do well in theaters. The film which will hit theaters on December 20 has Shane playing Akkar, a dancer. His heroine is Himika Bose. The film also stars Soubin Shahir, Joju George and Alencier. The directorial of Dimal Dennis has cleared the censors with a U/A certificate and is a whopping 188 minutes long. The film has music by Rex Vijayan with the songs and trailer having retro vibes to them.

Valiyaperunnal Shane Nigam Dimal Dennis
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