Shane Nigam announces the release date of Olu

Olu, directed by veteran Shaji N Krun stars Esther Anil and Shane Nigam in lead roles. It is a blend of fantasy and drama. Esther plays a gypsy girl Maya who is sunk by her rapists. She sees the world above her on every full moon night. She meets Vasu, a painter, played by Shane Nigam on one such night. The film looks at the platonic love between Maya and Vasu and how Maya motivates Vasu to paint her dream. Shane Nigam revealed that he learnt a lot during the shoot of the film. Olu is also the last film of cinematographer MJ Radhakrishnan and it fetched him a national award. This critically acclaimed film is releasing on September 20.

Shane Nigam Olu Esther Anil