Rima Kallingal compares Aamir Khan's post to her 'Fish Fry' experience

Rima Kallingal, the bold actress who speaks her heart out is always vocal about women's rights. She had earlier said that she became a feminist after she was denied fish fry at home which was given to the male members of the family. Bollywood superstar Aamir Khan had shared a similar video directed by his wife, Kiran Rao, that showed gender inequality. The 9 (Nine) second long video was a direct attack on people who indulged in gender inequality right at home. The video is a hard-hitting reality and is intended to be an eye-opener. When Rima had mentioned about the fish fry episode in her TED talks, she was trolled. But many had welcomed Kiran Rao's video. She just re-posted Kiran Rao's video with the title 'Fish fry'.

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19 Jun 19 @ 3:53 PM Tollywood