8 Recent Telugu Movies With Musical Themes

Though music forms a major part of Telugu movies, true blue musicals have become rare these days. And even films based on music (not just classical music) are short in availability. But still, every now and then we get to watch a few films like Oh! Baby where music forms a part of the plot. In this Samantha starrer, the title character's grandson has a music band and he wants to make a mark. The climactic portions of the film revolve around it. At one time films about classical music used to get rave reviews. Legendary Tamil director Shankar came up with Boys which is a youthful and trendy film about a group f youngsters and their aspirations about music. Here is a list of 8 Telugu movies which have music as core theme.

VasuBoysMorning RagaNenunnanuSwarabhishekamKalavaramaye MadhiloSarvam Thaaala MayamOh! Baby
Recent Telugu Movies With Musical Themes