Raima, Priyanka, and Sayani team up for an upcoming murder mystery

Rajib Chowdhury is all set to start his new project 'Kaya' which is a murder mystery with a hint of supernatural! In the movie, Kaushik Sen plays a filmmaker, who feels the presence of supernatural while doing the recce for his film. Soon, he discovers that the experience has a connection with his past. "Priyanka and I play his assistants, who start mistrusting each other after the experience and are also deeply jealous. Matters get completely out of hand when they are stuck in a forest with no mobile connectivity and one of us gets murdered," revealed Sayani. However, Rajib didn't reveal anything about the titular character played by Raima Sen. The film will be shot in Cherapunji, Shillong, and Kolkata.

Sayani Datta Kaya: The Mystery Unfolds Raima Sen Priyanka Sarkar