Quarantine Time - Celebrities Explore New Skills

To break the Covid 19 infection cycle, Prime Minister Shri Narendra Modi imposed 21-days lockdown (starting from 25th March to April 14). It has received mixed responses from the public, many have wondered how to spend 21-days in lockdown as the most population in India is below the poverty line and need to go for work to earn their livelihood. But, no cure in sight, lockdown is the only option to control the mortality rate caused due to this flu-like illness. Our celebrities took the responsibility to create awareness of lockdown to the public. Also, there are setting examples of how to use this quarantine time to explore new things and improve oneself.

Quarantine Time - Celebrities Explore New Skills
Vidya Pradeep The actress who is a research scientist is back to her research on stem cells
Devayani  Learning Silambam (a weapon-based Indian martial art form) with her daughters
Kajal Aggarwal Leaning Kalaripayattu (Also known as Kalari - an Indian martial art and fighting style)
Mahima Nambiar Gets herself involved in wall-sketching