Prithviraj does this for his late friend Sachy, unveils Vilayath Buddha

Prithviraj was a close aide of director-writer Sachy and he played one of the leads in Sachy's last film Ayyappanum Koshiyum. Sachy had planned to direct Vilayath Buddha after scripting for his assistant Jayan Nambiar's debut film. Unfortunately, Sachy's sudden demise left the team shocked and they had to alter plans. As a tribute to the late filmmaker, on the 1st anniversary of AK, Prithviraj and Jayan announced Sachy's dream project Vilayath Buddha. Jayan had to keep his own on hold and took up Vilayah Buddha as his first project which will have Prithviraj playing one of the leads. The Jayan film will have Prithvi playing Double Mohanan and will have another actor to play the role of Bhaskara Master.