9 Interesting & Popular Character Names Of Tollywood Female Leads

The past decade or so has been very fruitful for Telugu Cinema. With the audience becoming progressive, the writers are coming up with well-written female character names. Some of the actresses had the opportunity to portray interesting characters and they did a fantastic job. Right from naming the characters to giving a proper character arc, the writers have done a great job while writing these characters. That is why they became popular and are loved by the audience. A recent example is Faria Abdullah’s character from Jathi Ratnalu - Chitti. The innocent yet quirky character has been received well by the audience. Here are 9 such interesting and loved character names of Tollywood female leads.

Arundathi Chitti Devasena Hasini Jessie Roopa Bhanumathi Sivagami Sri Sai Sirisha Prabhavathi
Popular Character Names Of Tollywood Female Leads