Shajis having a disappointing run, Check Mera Naam Shaji Collections

The expectations for Mera Naam Shaji were quite huge considering the response got for the director Nadhirshah's first two movies and the casting of good performers like Asif Ali, Biju Meno and Baiju Santhosh. But the film makers have put up a flop show where the talented actors were wasted by giving them cringe-worthy dialogues. The audience who stormed to the theaters expecting a laugh-riot had to return disappointed. The director could not weave the same magic he had spun for AAA and KRR. The preachy misogyny-tinged humor is crass. Music and visuals come to the rescue of the film. After 21 days, Kerala Box Office Status is 4.5 crores.

Nadirshah Baiju Santhosh Biju Menon Asif Ali Mera Naam Shaji