New releases fail to uproot PMJ from Box Office

Joshiy was back after a brief hiatus with Porinju Mariyam Jose (PMJ). The film stars Joju George, Nyla Usha and Chemban Vinod Jose in the title roles. The film is a mass masala entertainer- something Joshiy is known for. The film is about friendship, betrayal, love and loss. We know why Joshiy is called a master director. The film is a validation of his craft. And the lead actors especially Joju and Chemban Vinod need no introduction. They have already proved what they are capable of. PMJ released on August 23. Though there were Onam releases of prominent actors, PMJ is holding strong at the box office having a good run. It has grossed 8.2 cr from Kerala BO in 31 days.

Chemban Vinod Jose Joshiy Joju George Porinju Mariyam Jose