People Should Not Work With Hrithk Roshan, Says Kangana Ranaut

Recently, Kangana Ranaut had accused Queen director Vikas Bahl of sexual harassment. She had revealed that he would buey his face in her neck and hold her really tight. When asked to comment on theis incident, Ranaut said that whatever is happening with Bahl is abbsolutely correct. She added that the industtry has a lot of peope who don't behave well with women. Ranaut stated that several men assault women, harass them, and so they should also be punished. Ranaut stated, "People who keep their wives as trophies and keep young girls as their mistresses should also be punished. I am referring to Hrithik Roshan, people should not work with him as well."

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11 Oct 18 @ 4:31 PM Bollywood